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Every year presents a new chapter in the history of Specific Impulse Inc. In years past we delivered press releases that quite honestly, no one would want to read. Instead, we thought we'd highlight our major milestones and new technologies and direction.


  • We added Kaiser Permanente to our list of clients, working on a variety of internal applications.
  • Our newsroom systems are now in production with four weekly newspapers in Ireland.


  • A major provider of mobile solutions (unnamed public company) selected StageOne as their multi-homed back-end infrastructure, used to drive innovative, flexible SaaS mobile solutions. The StageOne-architected back office replaced their existing application architecture and enabled them to launch mobile solutions to market in record time.
  • President and CTO Dr. Chester Regen and his team completed a new StageOne port to Linux/MySQL (StageOne also runs on Windows/SQLServer with a light version on MS-Access).
  • StageOne SaaS has been tested and deployed as a cloud computing solution, with the launch of our first newsroom solutions, under license to iMedia Revenue Ltd.


  • Chairman and co-founder Rich Julius returned in a consulting role and now heads up a new business unit centered around supporting startups in two areas: corporate pressrooms and news and information publishing systems.
  • 2011 marks the 10-year anniversary of our StageOne beta deployment with client Harmonic Inc.

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