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Marketing Partners

ClarityBridge is Specific Impulse's business development partner in Ireland, serving Ireland and the UK. ClarityBridge offers consulting in the area of Extremely Data-Driven Information Engineering (EDDIE).

Silicon Valley based Crimson Consulting provides strategic marketing consulting services to some of the most successful companies in the world, including Adobe, BEA, Cisco, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Seagate, Sprint, Sun and Symantec. Crimson's clients gain significant value from contributions in the following areas: Strategy Development, Research and Analysis, Marketing Implementation.

Funded in part by a European Union grant, AllEire is Ireland's national business directory, featuring an online database of over 170,000 businesses. AllEire is also Specific Impulse's agent for web marketing solutions and services in Ireland. Through AllEire, companies may subscribe to StageOne eMarketing solutions on a software-as-service (subscription-based) model.

Technology Partners

A reseller since 2002, Specific Impulse offers reliable web hosting through Intermedia.NET. Intermedia.NET ColdFusion Hosting supports Macromedia ColdFusion MX, which empowers developers with a productive scripting environment and integrated search and charting capabilities.

Founded in 1996, R2K Inc. is a rapidly growing IT services company located in New York City. R2K specializes in the analysis, development, integration, management and support of software systems for some of America's largest and most innovative organizations in a wide-variety of industries including insurance, banking, securities, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, utilities, and government. R2K delivers innovative IT solutions for across a range of applications including imaging, workflow, OCR and data capture, software management and distribution, enterprise application integration, and e-commerce. R2K is both a customer and a partner, providing managed application hosting services for StageOne in their datacenter in Manhattan's financial district. For more information, please visit the R2K website at

Graphic Design Partners

Ariago was founded in 1996 by Denise Dahart. Her vision was to deliver the innovation and value of a large firm, but with the focus and attention of a smaller agency. This vision continues to serve as the foundation for each and every project. Today, their clients are still profiting from this original mission.

Alejandrino Design was founded by Imelda Alejandrino, an award-winning design veteran. She states that "All great creative starts with an exercise that gets into the mind of the target and understands how to translate your goal into something of interest to them." Working in traditional print and interactive media, she's been an agency principal, a creative director, and a professional designer for over 15 years.

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