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StageOne Developers Alliance (SODA)

The StageOne Developers Alliance is designed to support the network of developers who want to use StageOne as a rapid development platform for their company's or clients' web sites and eBusiness applications.

About StageOne

StageOne is a highly customizable control panel built around a flexible meta-content database. In just a few hours you can design and manage the information architecture and database schema of your web site or eBusiness application, and your users can immediately begin storing documents, data, web content, and other information.

StageOne is based on principles of information architecture and Extremely Data-Driven Information Engineering (EDDIE). You can read more about EDDIE here.

StageOne makes it easy to develop web templates and interfaces, using simple CFML markup (StageOne was recently ported from Windows/SQLServer to Linux/MySQL, and PHP will be supported in an upcoming release). It includes sample templates as well as a simple API for pulling data and files out of the control panel database. Plus we offer coding and SQL support to developers with special application needs.

StageOne is far more than a web content management system. It's a complete eBusiness framework and platform, designed to manage virtually any business information, including back-office transactional data and customer records. It includes fully-developed eMarketing applications, such as email campaign management, pay-per-click keyword tracking, and customer relationship management, as well as useful features like publishing workflow and web template management.

Web site and application development has never been faster or easier. StageOne includes dozens of customizable control panel modules to manage every type of structured information, from documents, products, and web content to people, places, and events. First released in 2000, StageOne 5.0 now boasts advanced components that make it the clear choice over more limited CMS systems:

  • StageOne Update, a template-based approach to web content management that offers both freeform web page editing and dozens of predefined, customizable forms for structured content like press releases and job postings.
  • StageOne Broadcast for managing and tracking personalized outbound eMarketing and email campaigns.
  • StageOne Relate for web site visitor registration, email subscriber preferences, and customer relationship management.
  • StageOne Connect, a highly secure extranet system that easily manages the most complex content access rules and security hierarchies.
  • StageOne Catalog, an online product catalog and document library that includes online document delivery with receipt tracking.
  • StageOne Reflect, a 100% HTML site-generator and CD-ROM content system.
  • The StageOne Classifier, a powerful classification tool to define the hierarchies and relationships between objects managed across different StageOne modules.

StageOne has time-saving features like the graphical WYSIWYG web editor and the "Webmaster Pro" HTML tag editor, and collaboration features like publishing workflow and notification. But most important, StageOne enables developers to create database-driven web sites rapidly, effortlessly, and securely, while dramatically reducing cost and risk.

Learn More about the Alliance Program

StageOne is available as a hosted SaaS control panel, and currently features native ColdFusion support, so if you are a ColdFusion developer or ColdFusion IT organization, you owe it to yourself to learn more about StageOne:

If StageOne is for you, signing up for the Developer's Alliance is simple. Here are the details:

Cost and Benefits

The cost to join the program and receive a SODA account is free to serious developers with the type of complex application requirements that make StageOne a good fit. This cost includes setup of one application and 250 meg of hosted space on the server. Additional server space is available at a nominal rate (typically free until the privilege is abused). Scheduled online group training is generally offered at no cost, and engineering consulting and special training is offered at a discounted rate of $50 hour.

StageOne is available as a hosted, sandboxed system. SODA members get a username and password to their own sandbox. In your sandbox, you can develop a web application and present it to your customers, or you can use StageOne as a web service and build your application on your own server. The rapid prototyping environment with custom control panel and open CFML API enables you to deliver full-featured demos in days, and complete web solutions in weeks, not months.

Once your customer is ready to take possession of your deliverables, they pay for a deployment license (or you can pay for the license and invoice your customer with reasonable markup). This way, there is almost no up-front cost to you until you are ready to "go live."

Your customer has the choice of remaining with a hosted solution, starting at as little as $150/month, or transferring to a standalone perpetual license. Standalone licenses are generally $10,000, and enable you to remove your StageOne-powered application from the hosted server and host it anywhere you like. Through an arrangement with, you can also have your entire StageOne-powered solution set up on a hosted account for as little as a $49 per month hosting fee (includes domain hosting and email accounts).

These arrangements are flexible, depending on the nature of your application and customer(s). IT departments standardized on ColdFusion may be eligible for a complete fee waiver.


SODA is open to web development companies, individual ColdFusion Certified Developers, and any in-house IT organization that has standardized on ColdFusion. Eligibility is conferred on a per-case basis if you do not have these credentials. (Just call us to discuss your project.) We reserve the right to restrict participation in the program.

Because we are planning work on a PHP port for our StageOne Open Source initiative, we will likely waive all fees to a PHP shop or developer willing to assist with the port.

This offer is currently open to US, Canada, Ireland, and UK residents and companies. You must sign a reseller agreement, and you must agree to conform with the terms of the StageOne license, applicable intellectual property and copyright laws, and the SODA program rules.

Training and Support

StageOne online help and documentation is provided at no cost. Online training will be scheduled on a rolling basis, to meet developer's requests. Support is available through email, and generally receives 24-hour response (sometimes just a few hours). Developers with sizable projects and in-house IT organizations will generally receive consulting and telephone support (it's in all our best interests for you to succeed).

Co-Branding and Co-Marketing

SODA partners may list their participation on their web sites (we provide approved logos), and may be listed on the Specific Impulse web site. Partners who provide ongoing and repeat business will be eligible for co-branded marketing collateral and will be invited to participate in co-branding and co-marketing activities.

SODA partners will generally be allowed, with prior approval of creatives and subject to CAN-SPAM compliance, to use StageOne Broadcast for their own marketing efforts, provided that marketing materials mention StageOne.

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