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Youngs Budapest Properties

Complete eBusiness web site with eMarketing tools.

Youngs Budapest Properties ( is a division of Youngs Auctioneers, one of the largest property houses in Ireland, with a reputation for excellence in customer care and client relationships.

The Challenge

Youngs wanted a web site that would not just serve as a web presence, but as a key sales tool. They wanted an online product catalogue of hundreds of properties, tailored to both traditional real estate as well as new developments: condominium complexes being built in Budapest, Hungary.

They wanted to drive traffic to the site with targeted email campaigns, and usher leads through a well-defined sales workflow. They wanted the site to serve as a kiosk for their properties, and also as a way to manage the complete sales process, starting with customer registration on the site for behind-the-scenes views and detailed property specifications.

Finally, Youngs wanted a way to manage all their back-office operations, as customers went through the sales process and eventually became property owners.

The Solution

Youngs was fortunate in having no legacy systems; they went from pure paper-based chaos to a StageOne-powered web-based solution that enabled them to conduct business realtime in two countries.

The first phase was a web site content management system with easy self-publishing for Youngs staff.

Once the site was operational, Specific Impulse added visitor self-registration and access to members-only content. A few months later, we added email campaign management, merging Youngs back-office contact database into the visitor registration database.

The next logical step was to add a sales force automation and customer relationship management system that served the specialized needs of property agents working in different countries. Building these integrated systems on the StageOne platform was easy: the system was up and running in two months.

The system now automates virtually all of Youngs business, including transaction management and record-keeping, serving as a single, integrated eMarketing and eBusiness system that boosts sales while reducing back-office chaos.

The Players

Web site design by Foundation Marketing (, Ireland's oldest web design firm. HTML, javascript, CFML, database coding, and site hosting by Specific Impulse.

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