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Query+ drives sales using eNewsletter

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The Challenge
Query+, a leader in knowledge management software, used a variety of marketing techniques to reach its target audience of research scientists and IT professionals in pharmaceutical, biotech, and other life science companies. They generated new leads though referrals, trade shows, traditional direct mail, and a quarterly email newsletter.

The challenge they faced was determining which marketing technique is most effective and which prospective customers are most likely to purchase in the next fiscal quarter. StageOne helped Query+ run its email marketing campaigns and deliver measurable results that translated into increased sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Without a simple system in place to track who is responding to your campaign, it is difficult to determine its effectiveness. "For our previous email newsletters, we sent out an email and watched the change in traffic on our web site," said Peter Spielvogel, Director of Marketing for Query+. "This told us how many people were clicking through, but not how many were reading the original email. It also left us wondering about several important issues. Who are the visitors? What are the visitors most interested in and when are they likely to buy? This is the information our sales force needs to prioritize its time."

Query+ turned to Specific Impulse, which specializes in web software and services for marketing communication professionals. "StageOne leverages the latest Internet technology and provides our marketing group real-time information about our campaign," Mr. Spielvogel continued. "No more delays in getting web log reports from IT. We save money and time and greatly increase our understanding of what works. StageOne gives us a single, intuitive tool to manage our entire newsletter campaign, including layout, formatting, list management, and tracking the results."

Query+ developed the content for their newsletter and the summaries for the email version. For the mailing list, they used an internal file of customers and prospects, including names from trade shows, respondents to direct mail campaigns, and people who signed up on their web site, a 100% opt-in list.

The web-based StageOne console allowed Query+ marketing staff to cut and paste their newsletter content into an editing window and apply HTML formatting using a point and click interface--no need to learn HTML. Copying the StageOne tracking code to the web site was effortless; everything came pre-configured for Query+.

One click launched the campaign, mailing the newsletter to about 1200 recipients. Another screen allowed the marketing team to view the responses in realtime, as they traveled across the Internet. Reports showed activity both on an aggregate and individual level: who read the summary email, who clicked to read the complete newsletter, and who sought more information on specific Query+ products.

In addition to greatly simplifying the logistics of mailing an email newsletter, StageOne delivered key information to Query+ management. "The new tools improve our marketing effectiveness and translate directly into bottom-line results," stated Dr. Andrew Berman, President of Query+. "The information from StageOne flows directly into our CRM system. By focusing on more qualified leads, we can focus our efforts appropriately and generate sales more quickly. This is marketing at its best."

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