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Case Study


R2K Inc.

Global IT provider selects StageOne for eMarketing

Headquartered in the heart of New York City's financial district, R2K is a top-tier IT consulting firm serving Fortune 1000 companies in finance, banking, insurance, and sports & entertainment. (

The Challenge
R2K wanted a self-administering control panel that would enable them to administer not only their own web site, but the sites of some of their web hosting clients. As a global IT firm, R2K was accustomed to evaluating application software for their Fortune 1000 clients, so naturally, their own selection process was rigorous.

R2K needed a web publishing system that would be easily managed by their marketing staff, who have no knowledge of HTML, and by content owners in China and India. R2K is a specialist in imaging automation, and in this spirit they wanted the system to be fully self-administering, serving as a "virtual webmaster."

As a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, R2K had extensive programming experience using .NET technology and their existing site was coded using ASP pages. They needed a solution that could co-exist with any special ASP programming, and they needed content migrated from their existing ASP pages.

The site needed to have a compelling graphic design that positioned R2K against their competitors, speaking a visual language that said "professional, global, and technically-savvy." They also wanted dynamic effects, like a scrolling Java applet on their home page for featured content such as recent press releases or case studies. Yet the "cool" effects still had to be completely control-panel driven and administered by non-technical users.

The Solution
R2K chose Specific Impulse as site designer and developer for two key reasons: their marketing staff was impressed with our wide-ranging, professional graphic design portfolio, and their technical staff was impressed with the quality of the StageOne web publishing system. One unique feature they admired was StageOne's ability to also manage ASP pages, a feature generally unheard of in ColdFusion-based control panels.

R2K reviewed many different design concepts from our graphic design team, finally selecting an overall image, theme, and branding while retaining the original R2K trademarked logo. They engaged in several visual design iterations while also working with our staff editors to improve content and corporate messaging.

As with all StageOne implementations, the control panel was customised to support R2K's unique content publishing needs. R2K content managers can enter content using their favorite StageOne web editing tool, or simply drag-and-drop Word documents into the control panel's graphical editor.

R2K's more technical staff can add special programming files, such as the R2K "ROI Calculator" that seamlessly manages the handoff between ColdFusion CFM pages and ASP (.NET) programming.

"Specific Impulse delivered a very professional web site, and they have remained amazingly responsive to our ongoing web marketing needs," said R2K president Richard Yien. "Their StageOne system enables us to manage web site content without a webmaster, which not only saves us money, it improves our marketing execution."

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