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NewChannel Inc.

The ultimate data-driven marketing website for the

Prior to their acquisition by LivePerson in 2002, NewChannel was the leader in eSales and one-to-one marketing solutions; their web site was not only their main marketing presence, it was also a showcase for their own technology.

The Challenge
NewChannel's site content was highly dynamic, but they did not have a webmaster. Instead, the site was managed by content owners: business professionals who knew marketing, public relations, and sales, not HTML coding. They asked Specific Impulse to deliver a content management control panel that was easy to use, but custom-tailored to their business needs.

The Solution
Specific Impulse installed a StageOne system that enabled NewChannel's staff to maintain their own dynamic web presence, without needing a webmaster or IT support. StageOne modules managed everything from press releases to job postings, from partners to news.

"Our StageOne system practically paid for itself in six months, just through reduced maintenance costs. It's essentially our webmaster. But that was only part of the benefit. What it gave us in terms of increased ability to execute was priceless." said Wendy IkebeDirector of Marketing at NewChannel, Inc.

StageOne also included a home page positioning feature that enabled them to place content from various modules, such as events, customer quotes, and awards, in up to ten "slots" on their home page.

The result was a web site that was easy to update, simple to manage, inexpensive to maintain, and where the content was never stale.

The Players
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