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Virtual Silicon

Barrier-free self-publishing

Virtual Silicon is a leading supplier of semiconductor intellectual property and process technology to manufacturers and designers of complex systems-on-chip (SoC). Virtual Silicon has licensed and delivered its Silicon Ready® library products to hundreds of customers including semiconductor manufacturers, foundries, ASSP designers, and systems developers. (

The Challenge
Virtual Silicon decided that it was time for a fresh, new web site design to coincide with a product rollout and marketing campaign. They looked at their marketing budget, and identified key areas where eMarketing automation could reduce annual marketing costs while enabling them to manage the process themselves, without having to rely on expensive contractors and outsourcing solutions.

They decided to invest in an eMarketing solution that would enable the marketing staff to easily:

  • manage all their web site content, with complete self-publishing control
  • design and manage their email campaigns
  • self-administer a secure extranet
  • track the individual visitors to the web site, as well as the response to email and other types of campaigns

Their goal was to be able to do more themselves, but with less work and with a return on investment that they could recoup in less than a year.

The Solution
Virtual Silicon selected Specific Impulse to build their web site templates, with special effects that included DHTML rollovers and database-driven dropdown menus. They also selected the StageOne eMarketing system to manage all their web site content, with modules for press releases, news, features, events, executive bios, dropdown-menu navigation, customer quotes, general web page content and boilerplate, a document library, and controls for managing a secure extranet for their sales staff.

They use StageOne Broadcast to manage all aspects of their email campaigns, from outbound email design to email list management. The reporting tools built into StageOne enable them to monitor the response to a campaign down to the individual, as well as tell them who is visiting which web pages.

The entire web site and their ongoing email campaigns, are now managed effortlessly by the marketing staff, enabling them to reduce monthly maintenance costs to almost nothing, while at the same time enabling them to improve marketing execution and implement eMarketing best practices, without having to learn complex web technologies.

The Players
Graphic design (including original artwork, interface elements, and layout) by Ariago Design ( Information architecture, Javascript, DHTML, and StageOne system by Specific Impulse.

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