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Our Policy Against Spam

Some of our products help clients create direct mail, both paper and email mass-mailings. Direct mail advertising is a reputable and reasonable activity, when done responsibly, and we advance best practices that promote the principles of "permission marketing." Our software encourages, and in some cases enforces, a level of responsibility and accountability.

While we cannot be responsible for the specific content of a client's mass-mailing (we are not in a position to enforce our own editorial preferences or censorship), we do take the following steps to protect the recipient:

  • Every mass-mailing sent using StageOne is identified with the email address of the sender and the company sending the email. This is the registered name of the company who is using StageOne, and is not something that the sender can override.

  • We strongly encourage StageOne customers to maintain their own opt-in lists or to purchase high-quality lists from reputable mailing houses. We also assist our clients with list management, to ensure the most targeted (and effective) mailing.

  • We know who our customers are. StageOne customers must agree to the terms and conditions of the StageOne software license, which includes adherence to Federal, state, and local laws as well as an agreement to use the system responsibly and not to share it with non-registered users.

  • Most important, every mass-mailing has an unsubscribe or preferences link. This link takes recipients to a part of the StageOne system that is under the control of the recipient. Here the recipient can set their subscription preferences (whatever have been specified by the company using StageOne) or they can unsubscribe. Once they unsubscribe, their record is flagged and cannot be used for future mass-mailings by that company. The company using StageOne cannot override or re-subscribe that email address; only the recipient can do that.

In this way, companies can send targeted, effective, tracked, and managed mass-mailings, and recipients can safely set their subscription preferences with a click they can trust. We call this JAMM, Just Acceptable Marketing Messages, not spam!

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