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StageOne Broadcast: email communication and campaign tools

StageOne Broadcast provides you with tools for creating and deploying eye-catching outbound electronic communications, including direct email advertising, newsletters, greeting cards, announcements, and sales follow up messages.

Each Broadcast is tracked down to the level of individual email response, enabling you to monitor the effectiveness of an email campaign or simply know whether important communications are being read. Unlike mass-email "spam" tools, StageOne Broadcast is designed for targeted, personalized campaigns and permission-based marketing that places actual qualified sales leads directly in the hands of your sales staff.

Broadcast also provides you with powerful tools for managing email lists, list demographics, and test-marketing campaigns, as well as track the response from direct mail campaigns, traditional print, and other media advertising.

  • track and identify previously anonymous web site visitors
  • manage and upload mailing lists
  • maintain corporate and private address books
  • identify lead source and demographic information
  • log personal interest and subscription preferences
  • track sales lead and visitor activity
  • report on campaign activity and results
  • export leads to sales systems

Broadcast enables web site visitors to profile themselves and their interests, so that you can provide personalized, subscription-based communications or comply with opt-out requests. It also enables you to identify visitors and funnel qualified leads directly into Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management systems like StageOne Relate.

Using StageOne you can design a Broadcast for one-time use, such as a newsletter, or for repeat use, such as an electronic sales follow up card, holiday greeting, or event announcement. Repeat-use Broadcasts can be shared by your marketing, sales, and field staff.

The StageOne graphical editing system enables you to upload graphics, create predefined messages, add hyperlinks, and do layout and design formatting with the click of a mouse. If your Broadcast is deployed for use by multiple "senders" you can also control access to the Broadcast as well as whether they are allowed to add their own freeform messages.

The preview window shows the Broadcast exactly the way you designed it, and the way it will appear in the mailbox of recipients. Senders can address the Broadcast to single or multiple recipients or to email alias lists: each Broadcast is sent as a separate email, so no one knows who else was on the list.

Every message sent is recorded in the database for follow up and audit. The Opt-in field identifies recipients that should be added to the corporate CRM system, while the "Address Book" enables you to send what look like personalized, individual messages to entire lists of people.

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