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StageOne Catalog: complete online product catalog and document library

StageOne Catalog enables you to maintain a complete online catalog of products and services, tied to a document library that tracks its readers. You can create your own hierarchies of products and documents, as well as any type of classification system for taxonomies like vertical markets and solutions.

Catalog also lets you store product images, manuals, data sheets, and other documents and collateral by product, so that everything is organized, up-to-date, and automatically publishable in the right parts of your web site and extranet.

All product literature and related information is under complete publishing and access control. You decide who can publish items into the different sections of the catalog, and you can set access permissions on documents and information on the web site. This lets you expand your online product catalogs into secure customer support and partner extranets.

don't wait for them to visit: active document delivery and tracking

StageOne Catalog enables you to create collections of electronic documents, such as sales tools, marketing collateral, press kits, HR packets, or customer support information, and deliver them to sales leads, customers, partners, or staff.

These document kits can be saved, modified, shared, and secured. Literature can be sent via email as zip files, or as links to personalized pages that drive visitors back to your web site. Moreover, every communication is recorded and tracked, so you know every message sent, every message read, and which hot leads are on your site right now!

You can update documents at any time without having to re-send them; the recipient's documents are automatically refreshed. Plus you can depublish documents, preventing further access.

Catalog features a complete online library that lets you quickly and easily find what you need. You can put together public or private document sets or collections, organized in any manner you like, and save them for repeat use. You can even save your own custom document sets and share them with other users.

"Speed select" enables you to swiftly navigate through the online library to select the documents you want. Just add them to the "collection" and they'll appear in the preview window, similar to an online shopping cart. Then just add your own message and list the recipients, and the collection is sent through email as your choice of zip file or a "My Documents" hyperlink back to your web site, for complete tracking.

Because Catalog maintains a complete audit trail of who sent what to whom, follow up is a snap. Most important, Catalog can immediately notify the sender when the recipient actually received and reviewed the document!

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