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Specific Impulse Email Campaign Solutions

Specific Impulse offers premium services and tools for effective email campaigns that deliver measurable results, right down to the individual respondent.

Permission and One-to-One Marketing

Spam alienates. Poorly-targeted bulk email is likely to harm your company's good name. Instead, build relationships with your customers and prospects by taking advantage of one-to-one personalization and permission marketing strategies: eMarketing best practices that generate qualified sales leads, improve customer loyalty, and keep you out of the spam business.

Email Campaign Services and Tools

Specific Impulse is expert in all aspects of personalized and permission-based email campaign management. Armed with the best email campaign tools in the business, we can manage everything from mailing lists to email design, from campaign reporting to tracking the actions of the individuals who visit your web pages.

Or if you're the do-it-yourself type, you can license or subscribe to our hosted StageOne Broadcast toolkit. You can even collaborate with us and any third party you choose, such as your favorite graphic designer.

Email Campaign Features

Multiple Format Mailings
When your mailing needs to be visually compelling, we offer both full-service HTML and graphic design services, as well as easy-to-use graphical tools that let you create your own designs or use your own graphics, without your having to learn HTML. Can all of your recipients read HTML text? Do some prefer plain text? We can send emails in HTML, plain text, or multi-part formats that let the recipient decide what they prefer.

Reusable Templates
Every email design can be saved as a template, giving you a re-usable library of designs, from simple holiday greetings to complex newsletters. In some cases you may want to design an email for re-use by people across your company, such as corporate holiday greeting cards, event announcements, and sales follow-up. Our StageOne system allows you to "lock in" the template design, while giving the people at your company access to a web-based, password-protected email broadcast tool that tracks every email sent. This tool even lets you activate a set of controls for mail-merge salutation and for appending personal messages to each email.

Complete Personalization
We send every email individually, directly to the recipient: none of the "undisclosed recipients" nonsense you see on the To: fields of common spam. We offer advanced mail-merge features, from simple "Dear Mr. Jones" addressing to sophisticated conditional content, driven from any combination of fields in the mailing list database. And because each email is sent with its own "web beacon," you can track individual response.

International Campaigns
We are expert in multiple language font encoding, including multibyte Chinese and Japanese characters, so your emails will go out with the correct characters, accents, and diacritical marks. Do you know the correct forms of business salutation for European recipients? The correct greetings? We do. We can even merge in the correct form of the greeting for gender-specific languages like French and German.

Mailing List Management
Our mailing list database lets you import addresses in the open standard CSV format, so you can easily load addresses from Excel, Outlook, or CRM systems like ACT, GoldMine, or We check for duplicates, flag bad addresses, and provide you with a report that enables you to see what the problem addresses are. We also offer address management tools for editing addresses after they have been imported, or for mass-importing correction lists.

Demographic Segmentation
You can set up any demographic segmentation you like, and send targeted, personalized emails to each demographic. You can flag each address list you import for the demographic segments that you think of today, and easily "mass update" addresses later, as you tune your demographics. You can also classify addresses by source or activity, such as addresses gathered from a particular salesperson or event, such as a tradeshow. And of course, you can automatically segment at any time by standard geographic segments, such as country, state, city, or zip code.

Subscriber Preferences
One of the critical differences between mass-marketing and permission marketing is the fact that you let your recipients decide whether to subscribe, and which types of information they find valuable. Our Subscription Preferences tools let you set up your own questions and options, and even email people based on what their preferences are.

Campaign Reporting
Marketing people generally suffer from a lack of hard data. With StageOne, all your campaigns are measurable. You can run "test campaigns" to check the response to different subject lines and email designs before sending out the main list. You can also track response rates, drilling all the way down to the individual email recipient. Thanks to the latest "web beacon" technology, you can even track which web pages on your site they visited directly from your email.

Activity Tracking
There isn't much use in conducting a targeted, personalized campaign if you don't know who to follow up with. Stageone provides powerful drilldown activity reports on the individual responses to your campaign, so your sales or customer care staff can quickly look up when people viewed emails, as well as what their contact data is. StageOne also provides powerful web page monitoring so that you have a complete report of each person's activity on your web site: where they went, and when.

Anti-Spam Compliance
We comply with all US and international anti-spam regulations, and we place the unsubscribe controls in the hands of the recipient. And with persistent unsubscribe flags, you'll never have to worry about accidentally emailing someone who has opted out, even if you upload their name from another list.

Learn More About StageOne Broadcast: email communication and campaign tools.

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