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StageOne Relate: customer relationship management

StageOne Relate is a customer relationship management system that handles everything from automated sales lead management and followup to customer support and ongoing relationship management.

Relate starts with contact management, providing a web-based contact manager that your sales, telesales, and back-office staff can share. Relate also includes forms on your web site that enable visitors to self-register and profile themselves against criteria you set up. Each new customer can be managed in a workflow process you set up with the simple workflow tool, so that new leads always receive the proper materials and follow-up.

Relate lets you set up demographic profiling for segmenting your customers, either with simple questions and answers that you add to the visitor registration forms, or by segmenting according to any criteria you specify. The profiling questions can drive your customer relationship process by automating newsletter subscriptions, product interest follow-up, and email contact preferences.

Using the contact manager, you can store dated notes about each meeting and conversation. You can also control access to each customer's record. The system tracks and timestamps each web page the customer visits, so you have a full history of what they saw each time you view their record.

Relate also stores customer transaction information, and integrates with your product catalog so you can easily know what products and services they have already purchased. With a purchase workflow system, you can see where they are in the new purchase process.

Customer transaction data is secure and controlled; you set the rules for who can access what data. You can even track appointments and set up tickler reminders for follow-up.

With StageOne Relate, every customer is well taken care of, from initial contact or web site visit to customer support and ongoing relationship management.

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