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Intranets, Extranets, and Content Management Solutions

Today's intranets and extranets enable people to communicate and collaborate at peak efficiency, across your company and across the world. Sharing documents, news, information, and ideas, both on your internal corporate networks and with your customers and partners, is an essential competitive advantage for today's information-rich organizations.

Specific Impulse builds secure intranets and extranets using our StageOne Connect system, a content and knowledge management solution that improves the bottom line, bridging the islands of information trapped within your company.

Easy-to-Administer Security
Set up your own security classifications, and assign these classifications to both content and groups with a single click. When extranet users log in, they only see the content that matches their security classifications.

Content can include folders, documents, and web pages. Groups can include people at your own company, customers, and partners. Add members into the appropriate groups, and they inherit the group's security classifications. Add documents to a folder, and they inherit the folder's security settings. You can even further restrict the security access of individual group members or documents. Safe, secure, and simple.

Anytime, Anywhere Access
Web-based intranets and extranets offer powerful "trasparent collaboration" features, empowering partners and staff to post and access documents and files from home, office, or on the road, without having to rely on a webmaster.

Content Subscription and Document Distribution
Enable employees, customers, and partners to subscribe to newly published or revised content, so that they can be alerted when new content is published or a key document has changed, while enabling them to read it no matter where they are.

Knowledge Management
Manage key information so that your company's knowledge assets aren't lost when key personnel leave the organization. Reduce the amount of training required for knowledge workers to be productive.

Web Extensibility
Integrate discussion boards, calendars, video, online training, or other web-based tools that support your business goals.

Distributed Administration
Enable divisions within your company to establish and maintain their own web sites and identity on the corporate network, without having to hire their own webmasters.

Specific Impulse has built web-based actionable content management systems for marketing, training, corporate communication, customer support, field support, and documentation divisions at leading companies. Our systems can manage the full range of corporate intelligence that will enable your company to execute at Internet speed.

Learn More About StageOne Connect: a secure extranet management system that's easy to maintain.


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