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Our Methodology and Approach

While we remain flexible in the way we work with our clients, Specific Impulse generally recommends a phased approach to site development:

During the Requirements Definition phase, we work with you to determine what your web site needs to accomplish, based on your business goals. Next we develop an architecture that integrates with both current and planned technologies, such as database-driven interactive pages, mobile interfaces, calendaring, security, personalization, social networking, and so forth.

Finally, we discuss your ongoing site management needs, working with you to establish a workflow strategy that will enable you to best maintain your site. In many cases, we'll design easy-to-use control panels that will enable you publish and administer often-updated content, such as press releases, news, events, job postings, and access by staff or partners.

During the Knowledge Design phase we develop the meta-data structures used to drive the "visual discourse" of the user interface. During this phase we focus on the information architecture, developing prototypes to ensure that we have an effective user interface that supports the needs of the various user constituencies.

The primary effort during the Visual Design phase is to implement the user interface look and feel, and to complete the user interaction and information architecture. It is during this phase that we finalize the design for toolbars, tabbed interfaces, dropdown or popout menus, and any additional Javascript and DHTML for the home page and secondary pages. We also code any Javascript/Flash/HTML/DHTML used to animate graphics for buttons, icons, or other visual elements.

The goal is to create a professional and engaging design that is easy to understand, simple to navigate, and conducive to conducting business. During the Visual Design phase, Specific Impulse develops a set of templates that can be re-used across multiple pages. We will also create modular designs (including the creation of a cascading style sheet) that will improve site maintainability and reduce prototyping turnover time.

With this completed, the site is ready for Prototyping. During iterative and rapid prototyping and the development that typically follows this phase, we ensure that the final production web site will be well-received by the target audience.

Specific Impulse offers complete Development services, including all programming and IT setup, installation, and integration. We will also conduct QA testing (including automated link checking), cross-platform testing (Windows, Macintosh, and Linux), and cross-browser compatibility testing.

Specific Impulse is also available for ongoing Maintenance services, including web/IT outsourcing, content updates, and ongoing development of new features and enhancements.


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