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Newsroom and Pressroom Solutions

We now offer newsroom and pressroom software under our iMedia Revenue brand and product line (, designed for professional news and information management, with all the essential features to support high-end journalism, corporate, government, and non-profit publishing.

iMedia Revenue offers a complete newsroom authoring and publishing system, workflow management, support for columnists, bloggers, and citizen journalists, and a templated approach to news portal design that eliminates much of the unnecessary layout work required to maintain a news site.

iMedia Revenue product line

The iMedia Impress Professional Newsroom Edition supports rich media (video, slideshows, interactives), page planning, and single-source publishing to print, web, mobile, and email. We also offer newsrooms the iMedia Impact sales force autmation, CRM, and media kit management system with integrated advertising solutions designed to drive profitable new revenue streams. Visit iMedia Revenue...

Our iMedia Impress Corporate Edition provides the features of a professional newsroom, enabling you to deliver your message the way your audience expects it, in rich multimedia. It comes with a complete press release management system, email newsletters, extranet management, online document and media library, a news aggregation system, event calendar, and integration with blogging and authoring systems that help you promote your brand and maintain thought leadership.

Unlike competitors that offer hard-to-configure, expensive newsroom systems, our turnkey iMedia Revenue solutions are simple, virtually IT free, and entirely managed as a scalable, cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform by Specific Impulse, a name trusted for over 12 years by Silicon Valley high tech and the Fortune 1000.

Professional Newsrooms: our “newsroom of the future” includes workflows tailored to the throughput needs of a busy newsroom, management of video using YouTube and Brightcove, collaborative authoring and easy publishing from the field, breaking news alerts and daily newsletters, realtime reporting of article popularity, drag-and-drop slideshows, membership management and members-only premier content, a built-in digital asset management system, and integration with Facebook, Twitter, business directories, visitor tracking, paygates, and ad servers to optimize revenue streams.

The professional newsroom includes a revenue-share option that enables newsrooms to partner with us to offer the digital advertising products and marketing services that local businesses are demanding. We include CRM, sales force automation, media kit management, and support for a variety of digital advertising plug-ins.

Corporate Pressrooms: maintain a comprehensive online pressroom and media kit, store company-approved and partner-approved boilerplate, provide a searchable archive of press releases and financial reports, store executive bios and photos, maintain product images, deliver online newsletters and media alerts, handle future-dated content scheduling and expiration, and create not just text-based press releases but complete news articles and advertorials in rich multimedia with video and images, making it easy for journalists to cover the story the way you want it covered.

Government, University, and other Non-Profit news and information departments will appreciate all the professional journalism and corporate newsroom features, plus the added benefits of a wide range of distribution options across many web properties and news outlets. iMedia Impress can support either centralized control or distributed departmental publishing, strict or loose approval workflows, high-security CMS access controls, and the ability to build a centralized, searchable, cross-referenced multimedia knowledge base across departments or distribution channels.

All systems are competitively priced, and include classification and tagging systems used for “see related” links, advanced search, search engine optimization (SEO), the separation of content from layout templates, realtime business intelligence and reporting, multi-language support for a global audience, and single-sourcing: compose-once and publish to print, web, and mobile, including iPhone apps.

Leading Technology: iMedia Revenue provides the world’s most powerful information architecture engine built on top of a SaaS (hosted) system design that can support thousands of individually-tailored newsrooms and agencies. The cloud-based, elastic computing platform provides high-availability, performance, and scalability.

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