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StageOne Reflect: 100% HTML Publishing for Static Web Sites and CD-ROM

Dynamic, database-driven web sites backed by application servers like ColdFusion are almost magical in what they can accomplish. But there are times when old-fashioned static HTML is a necessity.

You may have a web hosting account that doesn't support dynamic web templates. Or you may be concerned about site performance in a high-traffic environment. Or perhaps you have to deliver web pages or help systems to partners. Or a product catalog on CD-ROM.

StageOne Reflect was originally developed on behalf of clients who said, "we already designed our web site to be the perfect document library; can't we just leverage all that work and use it for our CD-ROM catalogs?"

We knew that CD-ROM production for sales demos, literature kits, trade show giveaways, and documentation is an expensive and difficult process. Designing the interface for your CD-ROM, updating content, managing links, creating artwork--it's practically a full-time job!

So we designed StageOne Reflect to be the perfect companion to your dynamic web site, enabling you to publish once, but write many times to alternate web sites and CD-ROM. And Reflect does it all:

  • manage documents, images, links, and files, including multimedia
  • re-use your familiar web templates or flow content into entirely new ones
  • create a web-based staging area for automated link testing and review
  • zip the staging area with a single click, or publish to a new server through FTP
  • deliver the zip file to your desktop, complete with auto-run and search CD-ROM capabilities

For CD-ROM production, just unpack the zip file, burn a CD, and deliver it to your favorite duplication vendor. It's fast, easy, and will save thousands of dollars in production costs.

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