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Search Optimization and Search Engine Marketing (Pay-Per-Click)

There is little point in having a terrific, actionable web site if no one visits it. The goal of search engine optimization and pay-per-click keyword management is to increase your visibility by ensuring that your web site appears high on the search rankings when visitors type keywords into search engines like Bing and Google.

specific impulse seo services

There are two primary ways to achieve Web visibility:

  1. optimize your search engine rankings (natural SEO rankings)
  2. sign up for pay-per-click keywords (sponsored links) on Google and Bing

Search engine optimization is the art of making your site as high in the natural search rankings as possible. Without professional assistance, most companies that are already low in the rankings can do little to rise up. That is because the natural rankings are based on several criteria that require a coordinated technical, marketing, and content strategy effort:

  • web site longevity
  • number of hits the site already gets
  • the number of other sites that link to yours
  • relevant keywords indexed by the web crawlers
  • keyword tagging of video and images
  • site map registration on search engines

The length of time your site has been around obviously can't be changed, but we can help you with all the other criteria. We are expert at natural SEO, able to guide you through the technical, marketing, and content-driven strategies that will raise you in the rankings. We can assist you with relevant keywords in page content and registration of your sitemaps on Google and Bing, and work with you to understand the many drivers behind SEO, including "black hat" techniques to avoid at all costs.

The results of SEO take time to achieve, which is is why targeted pay-per-click is so critical to today's business. Google and Bing offer a competitive bidding system, where you bid against others for prominent positions in the search results. Even though the tools and reports provided by Google and Bing may be complex, the concept itself is simple: if you bid the most, when someone types those keywords your site will display as the top sponsored link.

We can help you work out the right set of keywords for your site, set them up in meta-tags on your pages, register your site with search engines, then manage the pay-per-click tracking system. We do an analysis on what the costs for each keyword are. We help you decide what to bid on, then we monitor traffic to check performance and to see if you get out-bid on your words (in which case we alert you that you may need to up the ante or lose that keyword).

We do more than just help you with reporting to see how your keywords are performing. We also install systems to monitor what your visitors are doing, based on which keyword they came in on. So you'll know not just which keywords get the most clicks (and thus cost you the most), we also give you insights as to whether visitors coming through, but then immediately leaving (cost but no value), or which pages they visit, in which order, and do they return to your site (cost with high value). We can also tie in a visitor registration system, so you can track who your visitors are (accurate sales intelligence).

We can give you an estimate for the setup, monitoring, and tracking system, but the keyword cost itself (the actual advertising) estimate will depend on the keywords you want to pay for. If you send us a preliminary list, we can send you a preliminary estimate of the costs.

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