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The Ultimate eBusiness Control Panel.

For marketing and business professionals, StageOneTM is a user-friendly, web-based control panel for managing your web site, extranet, online product catalogue, email campaigns, sales leads, customer relationships, and much more. Dozens of fully-integrated components allow you to manage all your business processes in one place, without sacrificing security and control.

For web developers and information architects, StageOne is the fast track to delivering highly customized eMarketing and eBusiness solutions. The ultimate business process and information architecture toolkit, StageOne lets you rapidly model all your business objects and processes, and immediately store data, documents,and relationships in the highly-customizable control panel.

Visit our ClarityBridge microsite dedicated to StageOne and the breakthrough EDDIE (Extremely Data-Driven Information Engineering) method.

StageOne offers these powerful components:

  • structured and freeform web content management, including multi-language support for translated content
  • web site visitor tracking, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click integration
  • plain HTML site generation and CD-ROM content-to-go
  • personalized email campaigns and communications, list management, and individual response tracking
  • product catalogs and document libraries with document delivery tracking
  • web site visitor registration and customer relationship management
  • secure extranets for collaboration with clients, customers, and partners
  • project management and collaboration tools

StageOne includes over 100 customizable business modules, and dozens of essential features like content update scheduling, notification-based workflow, robust extranet security, and a powerful cross-reference classification engine.

Build? Buy? Neither!

Since StageOne is available as a hosted application, you don't need to install anything; just sign up for an account and start using it on the web immediately. You can tailor the system to suit your specific requirements, extend the system using ColdFusion, PHP, or .Net, and integrate external applications. With all the core features already in StageOne, you can deploy even complex eBusiness systems and web sites in days or weeks, not months or years.

StageOne is easily tailored to the information architecture of any business, storing web and multimedia content, documents, visitor information, customer information, and the details of your products and services. With its data-driven templates and a powerful classification engine that manages relationships across different types of information, the StageOne control panel serves as a rapid development platform enabling developers of all skill levels to quickly and easily deliver dynamic web sites and applications.

StageOne can be extended by anyone with web scripting skills, and comes with a simple yet powerful API that you can use to power your web templates. In addition to data and content, StageOne will store and execute any CFML code, from AJAX snippets to full-blown applications (including Flash MX interfaces), making it an easily extensible platform for prototyping and delivery of web applications and actionable web sites. With better support for PHP and .Net containers, and an XML output layer, StageOne may be the perfect integration platform.

Today, customers are asking for much more than content management. When you provide them with StageOne-powered web sites, you deliver advanced eBusiness tools and features, like email campaign management, workflow, CRM, and web site visitor tracking.

Specific Impulse is dedicated to ensuring the success of our development partners. Learn more about our StageOne Developers Alliance.

eBusiness that really means business.

At Specific Impulse, we feel that your eBusiness and eMarketing systems should work as hard as you do, delivering up-to-date messages, connecting you with your customers and partners, and delivering qualified leads directly into the hands of your sales force.

StageOne enables business professionals to take control of all their web content, electronic documents, and electronic communications simply and easily, with no software to install and without needing to know HTML. Rich with web publishing and database-management features that automate your best practices, StageOne converts web technology into pure eBusiness magic.

But barrier-free web publishing is only the beginning.

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

StageOne provides a complete, integrated suite of tools for transparent collaboration across the company, enabling you to securely distribute the work of web publishing. Now, HR can manage their job postings, Training can post classes and schedules, Investor Relations can manage financial documents, and Public Relations can post press releases, while Marketing controls the look and feel of the web site templates.

Because it is web-based, content owners can access the system from home, office, or on the road. With advanced workflow, security, and publishing controls, you decide who can access and publish which content. Content scheduling even enables you to set up precisely when updates will "go live" and when content will automatically expire.

"It's not just what you know, it's who you know!"

Spam alienates. Poorly-targeted bulk email is likely to harm your company's good name. Instead, build relationships with your customers and prospects by taking advantage of one-to-one personalization and permission marketing strategies: eMarketing best practices that generate qualified sales leads, improve customer loyalty, and keep you out of the spam business.

StageOne includes layout tools for creating newsletters, greeting cards, and sales follow up messages, plus email list management and mail-merge features that help you deliver effective, targeted, personalized campaigns.

Your site visitors aren't just "statistics." Armed with StageOne, you can measure far more than general web site trends: you can track the response to each campaign down to the individual recipient, from the moment they read your email to the dates and times they visited specific pages on your web site.

This unparalleled level of knowledge lets you expose qualified sales leads and fully engage your audience. StageOne can even measure the success of traditional media and print campaigns, so that you know which marketing initiatives are paying off.

Flexible in all dimensions

StageOne is tailored to the needs of both businesses and web developers.

Configuration: You don't change your business model to suit the system: we tailor StageOne to the way you do business. You choose which components you want, and we customize them to match your own unique needs.

Price: Priced to suit medium-sized businesses, we offer subscription or one-time licenses for each component.

Support: a variety of support options are available, from economical phone and email support to a full range of professional services in marketing, web development, and graphic design.

Installation: we can install StageOne on your webserver, set up a dedicated hosting account that you control, or you can subscribe to a completely hosted control panel making it truly "IT-free." And you can change your setup at any time.

Development: through the StageOne Developer Alliance, ColdFusion developers can build, resell, and deploy their own applications on the StageOne platform, taking advantage of the StageOne control panel, customizable modules, and toolkit.

And now, the call to action

Call or email us today to take a free, no-pressure test-drive of the hottest eBusiness machine on the market.

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