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StageOne Update: web publishing control panel

Unlike other web publishing tools, StageOne Update was designed by business and marketing professionals to automate real business tasks and best practices. Each Update module is tailored to a particular activity or type of content, from creating and publishing a press release to managing collateral on your web site, so users are always in familiar territory.

And to make it more familiar, StageOne features two web editing tools: a power editing tool for webmasters and a graphical word processor that supports simple cut-and-paste publishing from MS-Word documents.

more than statistics: individual tracking

Content management doesn't end with publishing. StageOne drilldown activity reports are designed to let you track the paths individual visitors take through your site. Designed for companies interested in tracking individuals, not statistics, our reports show where each individual visitor went, and when.

And when visitors register or view a StageOne Broadcast email message, their anonymous record is updated so you know everything about their history on your site. With StageOne, every page gives you active sales intelligence and marketing feedback.

transparent collaboration and best practices

Because your web site has many content owners, StageOne Update provides you with powerful "transparent collaboration" features that enable you to distribute authoring and publishing control to content owners across the company, from marketing to HR to customer support. Each type of content can be managed in separate modules within the customizable control panel.

The StageOne modular approach has several benefits.

  • Each module identifies exactly what information needs to be completed, reducing guesswork and enabling you to quickly train new staff.
  • Every module has its own access security and publishing permissions, so you can control who is allowed to perform which activities.
  • Since a module is tailored to how you do business, it encapsulates your own company's best practices.
  • Modules are completely data-driven, giving you exceptional power and features unavailable in simple content-editing tools, including the ability to redesign the entire look of your web site without having to re-enter content!

StageOne lets you choose from among dozens of customizable modules, plus you can define your own if you have unique web site or application requirements.

StageOne doesn't restrict you to certain "prefab" web templates; you can automate your current web site pages and navigation without having to redesign your current look. If you are planning a redesign, StageOne imposes no unnecessary constraints. Virtually every page can be managed in StageOne--even wireless content and multilingual pages. You can even add new pages yourself, based on your web templates. And if you change the graphical look of your site, your content simply flows into the new templates automatically.

anytime anywhere self-publishing

Because StageOne is web-based, business professionals can work and collaborate from home, office, or on the road. And it's truly barrier-free: there is no client software to install, no need to wait for a webmaster to push the content, and no worries about how the web page is coded, because everything is graphical and template-driven.

StageOne lets you automatically schedule the precise date and time for updates to appear on the web site, and for content to gracefully expire. So no more early-morning scrambling to post a press release before the market opens, and no more stale content, such as month-old conference sessions or links to last-week's "no longer live" webcast.

security and workflow

StageOne may very well eliminate the need for a webmaster to post content, but it doesn't mean a loss of control. StageOne lets you regulate each module's access, editing, ownership, and publishing permissions, so you know your content is in safe hands.

Secure workflow, access, and reporting tools enable you to see at a glance who created and modified content, what content is awaiting approval, and what each person's pending tasks are.

Notifications and alerts that an item is pending approval go out automatically through email, and show up in each person's StageOne task list.

transparent collaboration

Because StageOne lets every content owner focus on his or her task, without having to learn HTML or run around looking for approvers or other team members, work proceeds faster and easier. For example, you may be working on a press release where you need to include a partner's "official" boilerplate. Normally you would have to track down your company's partner manager. But using StageOne the partner manager pre-enters partner information in the Partners module, and you just select that partner from a list.

Your company's approved boilerplate, copyright and trademark information, and press contacts are automatically defaulted into your press release. And once your press release is completed, you mark it done and it automatically goes out for approval and publishing.

Everyone can do their own job according to their own schedules, and the work comes together seamlessly. Fewer meetings, fewer roadblocks, less waiting time--faster marketing execution.

advanced results without alphabet soup

StageOne's graphical web editing and communications composing tools mean that no one needs to know HTML, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript, or any other coding systems. You can just focus on the work at hand.

But there is much more to StageOne Update than web page editing. With a relational database at its heart, StageOne intelligently manages your intellectual assets.

You now have access to powerful knowledge management features such as the Classifier, used to power intuitive, topic-based searching, filtering, and "see related" cross-referencing. Now you can expose relationships between your products, services, documents, events, press releases, and other information that enable partners, customers, and staff to easily access the information they need.

Plus the Classifier lets you take control of the business rules that drive your content, specifying anything from which documents can be viewed or edited by whom and which content is visible based on login status.

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