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Web Design and Development

Your corporate web site is your virtual lobby and the electronic face of your business, presenting the professional image of your products, services, executives, brand, and corporate identity. Specific Impulse can assist you with everything from graphic identity and marketing messages to site planning, implementation, and maintenance.

But your web site also needs to achieve key business goals. We have built a reputation around the design and construction of actionable web sites where companies interact and conduct business with their partners and customers. From personalization to collaboration, from database-driven interactivity to secure access to content, we have the experience and expertise in designing systems that power your eBusiness.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Are your web site visitors statistics? Or are they people you care about? Do you know who they are? How they got there? What they are doing on your site?

Statistics software will tell you about general trends: most popular pages, common exit points, overall number of visitors and pageviews. Statistics are useful in the face of nothing else, but they provide very little that you can base a decision on. That's why your sales force rarely asks for web stats.

We provide visitor tracking systems that drill down to the individuals that visit your site. We track both known visitors, such as those that registered or responded to an email campaign, as well as each and every anonymous visitor. And when an anonymous visitor chooses to identify themselves by registering or responding to a campaign, their web site activity history is available for your review. Will your sales staff want that information? We think so.

StageOne Added for Freshness

Specific Impulse is unique in providing you with StageOne Update, tools designed by and for marketing professionals for managing and self-publishing web content. You no longer have to rely on HTML gurus or webmasters to revise pages, remove obsolete content, add new pages, or re-organize your web site.

Cut Web Maintenance and Redesign Costs

For marketers, change is good. Companies are always tuning and improving their image and identity. A fresh web site design tells customers, partners, and potential customers that your web site is staying in step with your markets and where your business is going.

Because StageOne-powered web sites are completely template-driven, you can change the look of your web site, even putting in place a complete graphic redesign, often with little cost beyond the new artwork. This is because your content is managed separately from the templates: when new designs are put in place, all your current content flows automatically into the new templates. No broken links, no lost pages, just an instantaneous transformation to the new look.

Learn More About StageOne Update: web self-publishing and site management tools.

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